the restaurant and the black pig


Our culinary offer is based on a review in terms of the best tradition of Sicilian cuisine, but is also careful in search of a new balance and flavors. Though The black pig is the main protagonist in our kitchen (personally taking care of the family farm), which is where our creativity emerges more and menus, the tradition becomes new, with dishes created from an antique kitchen and reworked for the modern requirements of sophistication and lightness.

Our menu offers a kitchen complete season, the use of local products and is rich in generously cultivated herbs choices and expertly matched to some exotic goodies to make an offer lightweight and attractive culinary, all of this taking advantage of our resources first-run or otherwise facing a selection zero kilometer, or the promotion of typical products from its adjacent territories.

Thanks to our long experience, also handed down by the succession of generations, we have gained an excellent knowledge of each type of product and its features, giving us the possibility to choose the best raw materials as fresh meats selected, Doc cheeses and vegetables wild or cultivated in harmony with nature.

In our kitchen we love try new combinations which preserve the freshness and scents, with combinations based on our creativity, but all long meditated and tested before being proposed, with the objective of proposing great taste dishes.

Everything here at Villa Demetra, from bread made fresh daily and in different versions, have dessert we try to create with imagination and originality, He wants to show our clear desire to conceiving the customer first as a guest, to put at ease and “cuddle”, and which give a happy experience to remember with pleasure.