Pizzeria and Pizzoleria in Palazzolo Acreide


Villa Demetra is also pizzeria and Pizzoleria. Wood oven, long rising, local ingredients are our guidelines.  In addition to the classic pizza, you can come and enjoy the pizzolo, (in Pizzolu), just a typical specialty of the province of Syracuse, which consists of a pizza round about 30 cm diameter, lightly seasoned with olive oil, oregano and cheese, stuffed with various ingredients, salad (in this case the filling will be based on meats, vegetables, cheese, meat, carefully selected) o dolci (come chocolate cream the Ricotta and honey).

An important aspect for us in the pizza, addition to the quality of the ingredients, is the right maturation and rising. and it is here that comes in our skill. It is through the brewer's yeast, we use, that does its job producing the dough carbon dioxide e gas nobili, the chi, the rising, that is, the doubling of the volume that occurs in the dough making the soft pizza, soft and easy to digest.

The dough, previously pushed up into portions, is spread in the form of disk, variously seasoned and cooked in contact with the floor of the hot oven strictly in wood. Villa Demetra performs take away.

The pizza has a long history, complex and uncertain. The first written records of the word “pizza” go back to the Latin. Already in antiquity, however, buns crushed, leavened and not, were distributed among the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans.

The pizza is a product gastronomic which has for its base a mixture of water, wheat flour, and yeast, that after a rising of at least twenty-four hours is worked up to obtain a flat shape, baked and variously seasoned.


In Italy there is a bill to safeguard the traditional Italian pizza, specifying the allowed ingredients and methods of treatment (eg, excluding frozen pizzas). Only the pizza that has followed these guidelines you can call “traditional Italian pizza”.

In Sicily There are several variations related to the culinary tradition of rural differ too much from the pizza itself.